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. Welcome To Pypies Construction

Pypies Electrical & Construction was Established by Pypies Viljoen in February 1992. The name of the company was so similair to Pypies himself as clients connected the pipes to the construction and plumbing industry which are 2 aspects of the industry covered by Pypies Electrical & Construction.

Pypies, a qualified electrician completed his trade at the former Boart Hardmetals. After an accident in 1988, in which his left leg was amputated he decided to himself that there was more to life than a nine to five job, doing the same thing over and over again, but he continued to work for Boart Hardmetals until end of January 1992 and then ventured off to start a Hardware store.
During his endevours as a hardware store owner, he came to realize the need for good quality work in the construction field and ventured into another aspect of business. At first a lot of the work performed by this company was domestic but as time went by, and with Pypiess inquisitive mindset, he yet again ventured into another sector of the construction industry, the industrial sector.
Since 1998 Pypies Electrical & Construction has concentrated mainly on industrial work including civil works, industrial electrical installations , erecting of steel structures as well as installation of entire production plants country wide.
The company is growing from strength to strength thanks to loyal support from the community as well as loyal clients.